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    the true american experience is wondering if you just heard firecrackers or gunshots

    The true hood experience is knowing the difference between them.

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  3. You ever just feel like you need someone to force their way in? Someone will ask what’s wrong and you tell them you’re fine but in the back of your mind you’re just begging for them to fucking fight for you? You want to be loved and to be helped but you don’t allow anyone to do those things for you. You refuse to allow anyone to be what you so desperately need.


  4. Check out Tinder… it shows you who likes you nearby!


  5. Anonymous said: You're beautiful and perfectly capable of happiness. Dont throw away a life full of potential, sweetheart.

    thank you , you’re very kind.


  6. kik me for lovely conversation <3


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    Story of my life. I need her :c

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  9. Because you’re an amazing person, Rae.

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    holy shit this deserves way more fucking notes

    i can’t reblog it enough, please get this through your skulls. i can’t walk home at night past 10 pm without being terrified that every guy that hollers at me is going to follow me home. it’s fucked up. it’s unfair. our culture sucks. we need to fix it. rape is never okay. never. if the rapist is the girl’s boyfriend it still counts. rape is rape. no is no. no answer is no. you shouldn’t beg and plead until someone’s uncomfortable. take the hint. end this bullshit.


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    so beautiful. 

    omfg look at how tiny it is

    So cute


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